Phone: +13123710773
Address: 375 W Erie St #101C, Chicago, IL 60654

Arsova Salon, I have met and worked with this group of people over the years, sometimes completely, sometimes only a handful of people. I thought things were moving so naturally that we could all open up a space for us to work as a team. Our team here not only work in the salon, but cater to whatever we can get hold of. Our customers are not limited in any way. We have services for everyone here every day, from working women, celebrities, housewives, businessmen and the younger generation studying in Chicago.

Arsova Salon

I AM PROUD AND EXCITED TO BE THE LEADER OF SUCH AN AMAZING GROUP OF INDUSTRY LEADERS AND MENTORS WHO BRING SO MUCH TO THE TABLE.If you leave our salon and you’re not smiling and feeling cool with bouncing hair, I feel like we didn’t do our job right. It is important for all of us that you come to our house in Arsova Salon and feel the luxury of beauty and have a lot of fun at the same time.

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