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Address: 4403 Northside Pkwy NW #160, Atlanta, GA 30327

Bob Steele Salon, is famous for its friendly and professional team-oriented environment. We have a strong commitment to continuous training and to providing every guest with a consistent, high-quality service experience from a team dedicated to the art of hair styling.The prices of our stylist are determined by a system of graded levels based on demand and expertise. All of our stylists are extremely talented and promise to provide an exceptional guest experience every time you come.

Bob Steele Salon

Bob Steele Salon, Most of our stylists start as graduates of the cosmetology school and, after hiring, must undergo a comprehensive internship before serving clients full-time. While at our Verge levels, stylists continue a challenging master’s course, allowing them to hone their skills and eventually become a successful Elite stylist. After several years of working in the industry, together with the high demand, our stylists are able to move on to our Luxury levels.

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