Boss Hair Salon

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Phone: +12408155285
Address: 464 Prospect Blvd, Frederick, MD 21701

Boss Hair Salon, is a diverse full service hair salon located at 464 Prospect Boulevard Frederick Md that caters to all hair types. The salon was the brainchild of Hilaria Kwakumey, who started the business after being released during the COVID-19 pandemic. Hilaria, who is originally from Ghana, has a background in the hospitality industry. But eventually, after losing her job, she decided to pursue her childhood dream of owning a salon. Hilaria, with my background in management and talent acquisition in hospitality.

BOSS Hair Salon

Boss Hair Salon, I thought it was a better season than now to start my dream of owning a hair salon. I’ve always felt that people should want to look good, get their hair done and be at their best no matter what their time is. Hilaria says she started researching the hairdressing industry and relied on mentors to support her through the process. Boss Hairdresser will provide services for all types of hair, including braids, relaxers, braids, perms for haircuts and colors. October services include decoupage eyebrows and eyelashes.

BOSS Hair Studio

Boss Hair Salon, She says she will use her corporate background from managing different front office sales and talent acquisition departments to make every customer at Boss Hair Salon feel valued and welcome. Our goal is to be your one-stop shop for all hair types. We work to make our clients feel like a boss and at the same time create a stronger community where our differences are celebrated, she says.

BOSS Hair Artist

Boss Hair Salon, Born of the need to change gears, Hilaria takes what was originally a nuisance and turns it into a dream come true. The outbreak was a complete wake-up call for everything I thought I knew Hilaria was saying. The epidemic has made me realize that as an entrepreneur I need to be ready and adaptable because anything can happen at any moment – even the most unthinkable things.