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Cara Santana Hairstyles and Haircuts & Hair Colors, is an actress, digital influencer, activist and global engagement officer of the on-demand beauty app Glamsquad. Her fiance Jesse Metcalfe is an actor and musician who first made big waves in Desperate Housewives before starring in John Tucker Must Die, Dallas and the Chesapeake Shores. In this week’s episode of Go To Bed With Me, the engaged couple opens the medicine cabinet and guides us through their nightly beauty routine.

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From their shared love of La Mer to Metcalfe joking that he stole Santana’s make-up wipes to clean her sneakers, the two have a shared love of skincare. Before starting their skincare routine, Metcalfe and Santana brush their teeth, where Santana mentions that the annoying thing about her man is that he never has bad breath. View Cara Santana stylist, hair stylist and makeup artist here. Hairstyles You can get Cara Santana stylist contact information and a list of stylists who have styled them.

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The Fashion Database also provides the Cara Santana hair stylist and how to contact them. In our database you can see the Cara Santana makeup artist, along with other fashion and beauty data. Metcalfe is now ready to wash his face, but he needs to chill for a few minutes while Santana removes his makeup with Neutrogena wipes. I never sleep with my makeup on, says Santana. While Metcalfe is waiting, he shares a confession.

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You know I stole them, right? I clean my sneakers with these, says Metcalfe, laughing. These are sports shoe wipes. I have to keep my sneaks fresh. Santana, Dr. Obsessed with cleaning her face twice with a gentle foaming wash by. Barbara Sturm, Metcalfe, on the other hand, prefers to keep her routine at a minimum level. She rubs a drop of Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cleanser onto her skin in a circular motion. I don’t tend to make a mess when I wash my face.

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The water, he adds, is on the mirror. Some of the famous stylists that Cara Santana has worked with include Mariel Haenn and Jeanann Williams. You can view the full range of celebrity stylist information for Cara Santana by accessing our database. Who is Cara Santana’s hair stylist? Some of the hair stylists that Cara Santana has worked with for red carpet or editorial shoots include: Irinel de León, Justine Marjan and Cash Lawless.

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Both Metcalfe and Santana enjoy face rolling with Nurse Jamie’s Uplift Massage Beauty Roller, so she shows off her practice technique on Metcalfe. It tightens your skin and it’s also very cold, so it tightens it,’ she says as she rolls the purple bar in an upward motion. Metcalfe has been paying attention to Santana’s beauty nonsense throughout their 13-year romance, and also notes that her favorite beauty tool helps increase blood flow.

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