Careers: VIMI. Well does not lose his constant search to create the team he will work with. You can find the open positions that can be applied for below. If you would like to work with us, please contact us.

Fashion Writer

To keep up with fashion.

To have ideas about beauty.

Good level of foreign language knowledge.

Content Editor

Within the scope of creating the content on our pages, there is also a search for a content editor. We would like to work with people who are experienced in this field, including in the case of editing, adding and removing. If you would like to work with us, please contact us.

  • Requirements
  • analysis ability
  • Basic content information
  • Experience in the fashion industry

Content Strategist

We would like to work with a business strategist who has a good knowledge of Hairstyles, Haircuts Nail Care and Hairdressers and helps organize and strategically create content. The main purpose here is to provide optimization.


Sensitive and understandable content will be the highlight here.

Due to the presence of visual content on the site, it is also important to match appropriate visuals to adapt.

Creating content suitable for SEO studies will be one of the important responsibilities.

With the increasing influence of social media day by day, we are happy to have new friends among us who will allow us to show ourselves in that context.

Being able to follow the fashion and not miss new trends and respond to the requests of customers without delay is also an important requirement in this context.

Mastering content classification practices.

How can I apply?

Please contact us at