30+ Carla Bruni Hairstyles and Haircuts & Hair Colors

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Carla Bruni Hairstyles and Haircuts & Hair Colors, has had a lot of different haircuts lately. He became famous as a great singer, songwriter, model actor, singer and composer. But Sarkozy’s wife, the model singer, is especially known for her beautiful appearance and livable personality. Rumors and rumors about the haircut of the 54-year-old are a constant topic in famous magazines and tabloids. Check out Carla Bruni’s old and current hairstyles in the picture box below.

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Carla Bruni

No one does an effortless style like the French when it comes to dressing up. With her perfectly tousled hair and sleek minimalist foundations, she has perfected the artfully undone look from head to toe, which is ultimately in her dna. Italian French model singer and who could forget. The former First Lady of France is not a big make-up or high-heeled shoes, and her aesthetics are pulled back in a way that is imbued with a certain je ne sais quoi that will make passers-by envy her for everything she has.

Carla Bruni Hair

Carla Bruni Hair, My style is simple: natural hair and very little makeup, she tells Instyle in our February issue. Here Bruni shares more of her favorite things, from the lipstick she loves, to the TV show she watches with her husband Nicolas Sarkozy, whom she affectionately calls my man. If during her modeling years Carla Bruni has allowed herself some hair changes, such as blonde coloring or square, she has long ago adopted her signature hairstyle, that is, long and brown hair that is sometimes twisted for only a few months.

Carla Bruni Hairstyles

Carla Bruni Hairstyle, Instagram Tuesday, however, as Carla Bruni explained on her Instagram account, this is a winning formula that she chose to shake up. Thank you dear Madeleine Cofano, registered the former first lady under a photo of her new hair look at her hairdresser’s address. There was nothing to envy au fameux brushing Farrah Fawcett at the 70s, when the middle curtain broke up Carla Bruni generously tapered fringe and voluntary gradient.

Carla Bruni Haircuts

Carla Bruni Haircut, In addition to this retro hairstyle, the singer october her eyes on a jumpsuit that was fastened at the waist and flared up again on her legs, reminiscent of the era of Charlie’s Angels. When choosing such an air haircut, Carla Bruni is not content to bow to the trend of the seventies. No, as everyone knows, the hairstyle is an excellent ally for glorifying facies. Long straight hair that falls short usually tends to weigh down the facial features, while a distorted and slightly wavy cut allows to add movement and thereby soften the structure of the facies.

Carla Bruni Hair Colors

Carla Bruni Hair Colors, Enough to guarantee a more modern and dynamic look. In recent months, Bella Hadid’s retro beauty prowess has been reminiscent of a throwback icon with a very memorable aesthetic for a welcome revival. And now after discovering their twin natures, Hadid is adapting a ’90s supermodel who has transformed the former French First Lady’s free-spirited fringe to suit her own feel. One afternoon in Paris today, Hadid channeled today’s Carla Bruni with a new set of long bangs that parted at the center.

The similarity was undeniable, and it was a move that brought the duo’s common traits full circle. Although this moment fits Hadid’s model for honoring the nineties, the fringe worn by both women exudes a cool girl bohemian vibe that makes the irreverent flower boy details feel completely contemporary. Given a cross-sectional snip. The front strands are cut to cut the cheekbones and remain long enough for the ear to squeeze a little behind it.

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