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Phone: +17138078300
Address: 2411 Times Blvd SUITE 120, Houston, TX 77005

Clique Salon, All our cuts are in delicate or textured free form. We do not limit the types of tools that we use to achieve the desired result. Each cut is individualized, and each experience includes a comprehensive consultation, stress-relieving shampoo, and a free hairstyles dryer. Our mission is to create sensational hair experiences, so please share with me that our mission is accomplished by our team. Even if your clique experience is not great, I want to hear from you how we can make it better.

Clique Salon

Clique Salon, Feel free to contact me directly by calling or texting me at 281-948-6074. If you have been a customer at Clique Salonq, you have probably noticed a different mood. You’ll find us smiling more here than anywhere else. You will notice that the team members help each other to keep up with the schedule and provide a better experience for you. In fact, it is not uncommon for you to get services from oneq twooq or even three people before leaving, and more than one of our team members will often work on your consultation to offer new perspectives.

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Clique Salon, It’s all part of our goal to make your day. See. You’re about to find out our secret to your happiness. Are you ready. Here it is. We use a “TEAM-based” approach. Unlike other salons, the skills of the entire team are available to all customers. We’re not locking you in with a single technician. We don’t keep you on the waiting list. Meeting your needs and busy schedule is our priority. You can’t go in with your favorite stylist or you just don’t want to try someone else. I go for it. For us, I don’t mind.

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Clique Salon, In fact we encourage it. The whole focus of our team is to make sure that every guest’s day is done. In order to ensure consistent quality of service and technical skills, each staff member completes our skills certification program. This means that you can always have confidence and peace of mind knowing that you are in the capable hands of a skill-certified team member. You will always receive the highest level of Real-Quality service and attention. It is guaranteed unconditionally.