Co/Operative Salon

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Address: 1834 Newport Blvd Suite F, Costa Mesa, CA 92627

Co/Operative Salon (Cooperative Hall) is a new hall in the heart of Costa Mesa, just off Triangle Square, by appointment only. Befitting the spirit of the eclectic neighborhood, the Co-op is an environmentally friendly place with natural wood and reclaimed parts. The aesthetics of space is an extension of Natalia’s vision that through collective effort and an artistic approach, dedicated individuals can achieve the highest forms of beauty.

Co/Operative Salon

The cooperative is a reflection of the merging of different art forms in the personal life of each stylist, while they are inspired and shared by their favorite musicians, artists and designers. Each stylist will bring his own story, and the friendly and cozy atmosphere of the place encourages customers to sit back and participate.

Hair Salon

Natalia Bolanos, also known as Natalia Rosa, has always known that she was born to share the sky with the same stars. Raised in Orange County, California, the New York Musician and Hair Stylist entered beauty school inspired by New York’s fashion industry – juggling beauty school with getting her high school diploma. At the age of 17, Natalia became a licensed Hair Stylist, and since then she has been working in the hair industry for more than 20 years.