CUT artisan. hair. design.

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Address: 29 Bloomfield Ave, Flemington, NJ 08822

CUT artisan. hair. design. is specially designed for conversation and focused interaction with our client. We have built a space that allows peace and creative spirit to flow! In line with our mission, “love and service through artisan hair design” is architecturally designed and planned.Vision Hair Studio as planned, and a great friend and an inspiring mentor, Frank Warner (Frank Anthony Salon & Spa industry’s most respected owners of the lounge we’ve got a great opportunity to sit at the table. Frank asked us a very simple question.

CUT artisan. hair. design.

CUT artisan. hair. design. She single-handedly changed the way we see and run our Hair Studio. “Why would people choose you?” We left that day knowing that this challenge that Frank had brought us was not a one-time answer, but a vague one that held industry professionals in their hands accountable.So as professionals, we decided to answer the question“ “Why should customers and people choose us?” We take this question so seriously that we wanted to allocate a section of our web page to give clear, authentic and concrete answers.

Hair Studio

CUT artisan. hair. design. Our Professional Hair Designers are dedicated to training. They travel all over the country and are looking for the best education and training of the industry by world-famous professional hair artists. There is a high standard of training for Elite Designers to attend once a month (12 times a year), and our Hair Designers have a special standard every month (6 times a year). Our designers and team think this is the best way to create a hardworking culture that develops skills/craft, understands current trending techniques and stays passionate about our industry!