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Dadiana Salon, There’s a reason one of the first things runaways do when they’re on the run is dye their hair. Because hair color is an identity – when you change it, you can become a different person. Fugitives tend to be darker because they want to hide and disappear in the crowd, while most celebrities tend to be lighter and brighter because they constantly want the limelight.Whether you’re going through a life change, divorce, pregnancy, new love interest, recent weight loss, new commitments, or cancer survivors.

Dadiana Salon

Hair color can actually help you reveal how you feel inside or how you want to look outside. What else can you do that will completely transform you in two hours? There are many complex steps in the process of healing the mind, body and soul. The right hair color can give a person confidence and raise his mood. They can feel full, precious and sexy again.A qualified colorist should develop your unique style, skin tone and eye color. From highlights to trendy colors, it is imperative that the customer’s expectations are met.

Hair Salon

As with different skin and eye colors, hair colors can be warm or cold. Customers daily ask for a hair color that they see on an actress or model. The difficult part is not to color the hair, but to understand whether the color will match the client’s skin tone and eye color. Cold-toned skin has pink and blue tones, while warm-toned skin has yellow and golden tones. The same applies to eye color. Do you wonder which one you are? The easiest way to find out which one of you you are is to take a deep look at your eye color.

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At Dadiana Salon, we start with a personal consultation that will create the color that is perfect for you, for your age, skin tone and eye color. Whether you want a natural-looking enhancement or a dimensional color, we always try to meet your color expectations.A picture is worth a thousand words. It can be disappointing if you desire a honey shade, but it results in a bold brown instead. Words have different meanings for different people, bring a photo to clear up any confusion. Think about the maintenance. Be realistic about how much you are willing to invest.

Hair Studio

Increasing rather than drastically changing your color will give you the longest lifespan. Dec you stay close to your own shade, your roots will be less noticeable, which means that you can go longer between salon appointments. HAIR COLOR OPTIONS: RETOUCH it so that it acts as a retouch for the color you already have.

A color is applied all over the HAIR COLOR, from the roots to the tips, adding a splash of vitality to make the hair lighter, darker or for the new season. PARTIAL HIGHLIGHTING highlights and / or low lights applied to the upper layer of hair, top and around the face. The range of products can be natural, sunken, chunky or cantrasting.