Different By Design Hair Salon

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Phone: 980-224-7422
Address: 440 E McCullough Dr #215, Charlotte, NC 28262

Different by Design Hair Salon is dedicated to providing exceptional service and technical expertise to give you a special unique look. Our professionalism and maximum courtesy will passionately fulfill this mission, creating a hair design created specifically for you, thereby making your beauty a different style from the Design.

Different By Design Hair Salon

We are a passionate team dedicated to hairstyles and beauty because we love how we can create or enhance a new look for a woman so that they feel good and look good. Every day we come to work to style our hair, our goal is to make every customer feel special, unique and beautiful inside and out. A woman’s hair is her glory and we feel proud and privileged every day to allow our skills and expertise to modify or create a different design on any woman.

Hair Studio

When you come to different Design Hair Salons, we want this time to be your time to get away from your daily stresses. A place where you can relax and unwind. The ambience of our salon creates a place where you can enjoy relaxing relaxing music, light drinks / drinks during the service and keep up with the latest news in beauty, fashion and entertainment magazines. Relaxation is a top priority in Different Designs.

We hope to serve you and your hair soon!