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Fallera Hairdo or Fallera Hairstyle, In addition to dresses and decorations, fallera’s hairstyle, which is also called fallera’s hairstyle, is a very important attribute of Fallas during the celebration in Valencia. This hairstyle basically consists of two spiral chignon or buns placed on both sides of the head.

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Fallera Hairdo or Fallera Hairstyle

Fallera Hairdo, Towards one part of the ears and two braids wrapped around the back of the head, forming a large bun. Three hairpins are usually used to decorate the hairstyle. They are usually arranged as follows. two small hairpins adorn the buns on the left and right sides of the head, and a large one is located on the back, decorating the chignon, consisting of braids.

Fallera Hairdo

Fallera Hairdo, Hairpins are used to hold fallera’s hairstyle. The fallera hairstyle depends on the clothes they are wearing. Buns in the ceremonial dress of the cultivator are three in number. 18. buns in a costume from the XVIII century are three or one. And finally, with the farmer’s costume, the bun is one. To mention the Fallas of Valencia is to mention the silks and hairstyles of ninots bonfires. There is no self-respecting Fallera or Valencian who does not take maximum care of her hairstyle and makeup on the day of the celebration.

Fallera hairstyles 2022

Fallera Hairdo, Year after year, accessories evolve, and buns take center stage to enhance their bows and waves. What news will Fallas bring us this year in terms of hairstyles and styles. How to make a fallera hairstyle. In this article by Desancho Estilistas, we tell you what it is like and how to make a fallera hairstyle. We also show you two examples of modern fallera hairstyles that we like and some tips to keep your hairstyle intact at all parties. Don’t miss out. To make the fallera hairstyle step by step, divide the hair into 3 parts by making two lines.


Fallera Hairdo, The first of them divides the hair in half from top to bottom, the other from ear to ear, forming a T. We make two side braids, and a centered and low tail is made with excess hair from the back area. The corresponding dressing is placed on it, and with the help of the filler mesh, two side braids are joined, which hold the whole. To style the wave, you need to lick your hair well. This will be easier. Since the bun is placed on this part, it is important to keep the hair well in the back ponytail.

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Fallera Hairdo, An 8 is pulled around the dressing with a filler braid, and the same is done with natural hair braids. The result should be as flat a drawing as possible in order to adapt the hairstyle to the current trends. The back comb is inserted before adding more hairpieces. When it is well tied, we will begin to put the filler tights and braids around the bun, making sure that they are also very straight. Finally, the dressing needles are placed parallel to the bottom of the previous ones. After the end of the back bun, side buns are made.

Crown braid

Fallera Hairdo, It is very important that they are both at the same height, the lower part of the earlobe is visible. To make them, the beginning of the web is tied to the back arc and wrapped around the hook, which we placed earlier. In the end, you just need to put the combs very carefully. Getting a good fallera hairstyle is not everything. What if they give us a good fallera hairstyle and it only lasts a day or two. It won’t be worth anything. Falleras normally have the same hair style for several days.

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Fallera Hairdo, What is the best advice we can give you from Desancho Estilistas to maintain this? A good ending. if you want to maintain a good hairstyle at all fallas parties, it is important that the fallera hairstyle is done well. If they can not do this at home and do not know the best way to go to a hairdresser for fallera bows and put yourself in the hands of professionals, so that the finish is flawless and you can maintain it during all parties. Detection. Fixation is the key. Remember that it should be kept day and night, so use a good fixative.

Fallera Hairstyle

Fallera Hairdo, There are quality fixing products that you can find in hairdressing centers. Ask professional stylists to recommend a quality product. But obviously you don’t get wet or wet you need to get the hold will disappear and the bun will come back. If there is rain, protect yourself from the rain. The Valencia fallera hairstyle is a traditional female hairstyle typical of the celebrations of Valencia and Falles and resembles the Princess Leia hairstyle of Star Wars fame.

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