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Phone: +13237390382
Address: 2775 W Broadway, Eagle Rock, CA 90041

Feverfew, After 10 years of having Bachelorette Hair on Melrose Avenue in West Hollywood, we have now opened our doors here at Eagle Rock.As long-time residents of Nela are longing for a simple day-to-day without the hustle and bustle of West Hollywood. Jul Jul: In the last 3 years, we have dedicated our business to training and empowering stylists with a cleaner and safer approach to hairdressing by taking low-toxic, organic and creating Los Angeles’ first hourly/Commission-based Fresh Air Salon.


Feverfew, The Bachelorette Hair Salon had become a jul-friendly training center for both traveling and local stylists. In addition to hosting live hair cutting events and advanced classes, we also open our space to like-minded pop-up artists. To develop a strong community and jul with other stylists and people who share our passion for clean beauty practices both online and in person. We are very grateful for the love and support of our new neighborhood, which has given us such a positive response.

Hair Studio

Feverfew, We decided to give back to our community as much as we could. We donate 1% of our quarterly profits to an organization in need that aligns with our vision of empathy, equality, local community strength and a better gift for us and a future for our children.We believe in the power of plants and people. The earth can offer healing properties. We are very grateful that we lowered our roots and began to spread the magic of FLORAL POWER.