Fox and Jane

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Address: P293+CP New York, USA

Fox and Jane, In 2011, Lorean Cairns, one of NYC’s most in-demand hairdressers, and Billy Canu, a marketing mastermind who had his first successful business in his early 20s, bonded over a shared vibe. Their shared values and sense of community were clear from day one, and together they began to pour their hearts and minds into a business model of their own. Having worked in all kinds of NYC salons, Lorean still hasn’t found one that feels like home.

Fox and Jane

Fox and Jane, It’s fun to create a like-minded society based on teamwork, real progress, decisiveness and an unstoppable drive for success in a calm and not only beautiful environment, but also extremely friendly Cairns’ vision for success when they come together in secret. Together, these partners have turned into the best friends, which is finally the right place, but it is not only possible to create a whole society, 150 teams strong and growing, which is thriving to this day.

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Fox and Jane, Driven to strengthen, innovate and elevate the modern beauty industry, Lorean, Billy, and the rest of the team Behind the Scenes provide an experience unlike any other. Through personalized business coaching, continuing education and a close-knit support system, this top-performing industry hub focuses on creating an environment that fosters growth and fosters successful careers. Achieving your goals and taking control of your unlimited potential has never felt more like home!Being the leader you’re supposed to be is.

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Fox and Jane, The best decision you can make, and it’s as simple as decoupling with the powerhouses behind Fox & Jane, Little Lion & Skin Habitat. Say goodbye to feeling burnt out as a result of owning a single property and finally get the support you need to rediscover your passion! As a Fox Entrepreneur, you will have access to personalized coaching, advanced training, HR, legal and accounting services, and an operations and development plan for your growing business.Here’s the deal.

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Fox and Jane, Owning a small business is the kind of hard work that can only be done when your love for the project outweighs all obstacles. That’s the point we want to get to. Billy & Lorean, usually will realize that success lies in the skills and abilities of those around, just empty running is not in the hands of a person – usually a base as is the role of proprietor. By by joining forces with this dynamic community, you are allowing yourself and your business to be the only expert in the room.