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Phone: +13104744020
Address: 10700 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90025

Impression, Welcome to the Impression Hairdresser. At Impression Hair Salon, we aim to provide an exceptional hair service experience to all our customers while relaxing at our hairdresser. We want you to relax and take a break from the busy world while you are here. We believe that the perfect hairstyle is appreciated not only when leaving the salon, but, more importantly, all the hair days of our clients depend on the improvement of their quality.

Impression Hair Salon

We understand that maintaining a hairstyle is an important part of everyday life. We are constantly striving for what is best for our clients and we believe that it is our profession to provide the best, but responsible advice to each individual. Form and silhouette, perm and coloring are important, but we know that revealing the natural hair elements of shine, elasticity and texture is the key to producing a perfect hairstyle.

Impression Hair Studio

At Impression Hair Salon, we look at it from various angles to restore the natural quality of each of our clients, and we believe that this is the basis of an excellent hairstyle. We look forward to meeting you and working together to refresh a hairstyle that you can feel great with every day. Please have fun and relax in our salon.