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Kevin’s Hair Salon, has more than 22 years of hairdressing experience, he knew that fashionable cutting and color correction for each client would create a multidimensional look. Whether you need a haircut, a color or a Hot new hairstyle, Kevin salon will make you feel refreshed from head to toe. Japanese hair straightening biological ion. The Japanese method of hair straightening or hot repair includes defraying types of permanent hair straightening. very curly wavy hair is curly and needs color processing.

Kevin’s Hair Salon

At the same time, this process is carried out by readjusting the cystine bond and straightening the hair and improving the care Structure of the hair, while the flat ironing process is carried out by heat and compression in the highest quality protein/ emollient seal. the result usually takes 8-12 months, depending on the length of the hair. We have prepared a comprehensive and detailed guide to make your new Hair color ideas a reality. We are interested in all kinds of facial hair color, Color, eye color, age and lifestyle.

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