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Address: Müeyyedzade, Galip Dede Cd. No: 97B, 34425 Beyoğlu/İstanbul, Turkey

Luxus Galata, Pera, which has been renamed Beyoğlu, is a neighborhood characterized by its tolerance and mixture of cultures. 19. Unable to find a more cosmopolitan place in the world in the XIII century, Pera naturally became a rich cultural center, bustling as ever with galleries, music, design and fashion. in 1932, the first professional hairdresser in Beyoglu was opened by Russian immigrant Alexander. The streets were filled with men and women of the European elite, who walked around in their elegant clothes. It was a place to see and be seen.

Luxus Galata

Some things have not changed, Beyoglu is still a must-see place for world travelers, and we continue to see people walking around our streets from all over the world. Dec the difference is that Beyoglu is not just for the elite. In accordance with this, Luxus was opened with a focus on providing high-quality services to everyone. We are proud of growing to a branch of three salons in Galata and serving both Istanbulians and visitors of Istiklal two.

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