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Address: 900 N Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL 60611

Merchant & Rhoades, In April 2013, after nearly 25 years of business, it became the barber shop known as Truefitt & Hill Chicago since its inception. Merchant and Rhoades. The Merchant family, the owners of the company, finally decided that it was time to honor the late founder of the store, Kirk Merchant, by putting his name on the door. The new name consists of “Merchant”, which is his surname, and “Rhoades”, which is the maiden name of Kirk’s wife Patrice. Together, these two names symbolize what has always been a real family business.

Merchant & Rhoades

Indeed, most of the Merchant family is still actively involved in this business, including his eldest son (and second-generation barber) Kirk, who now runs the barber shop.Although the name is relatively new, the tradition is long. Before bringing Truefitt & Hill to America, founder Kirk Merchant owned the Barbershop at the Drake Hotel and cut the hairstyles of many of the wealthiest and most influential men in Chicago during his career. The same tradition continues today at Merchant & Rhoades, and I hope it will continue for generations to come.

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