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Address: 1031 NE Interstate 410 Loop, San Antonio, TX 78209

Moxie Hair Salon and Spa, An oasis of colorful beauty and nature. Moxie is more than a salon and spa; it’s a place where beauty artists come to play and create. Inspiration and creativity develop throughout the location, starting with the driftwood chandelier and the crystal table. Local art draws walls, engages your eyes and inspires your mind. Wooden rope swings welcome you in the waiting area, as well as an extensive collection of crystal candles and jewelry from local craftsmen.

Moxie Hair Salon and Spa

Moxie Hair Salon and Spa, As you continue to explore, you hear the gurgling water bubbling from various aquariums, bringing you to the detailed color bar where our artists mix and create your perfect color. Moving to the back of this magnificent temple of self-love, you will find our unique spa rooms, created to heal and relax the soul.

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