Our Editorial Standards

Our Editorial Standards

Our Editorial Standards
Our Editorial Standards

Our aim is to provide you with new ideas. We want to do this by introducing new and different styles to you by following the fashion. In addition, we think you deserve the best of everything. We do all of this by partnering with expert hairdressers, colorists and barbers who help them give us insight into today’s best hair looks and products.

Our Standards

Do not pay for content that mentions companies.

We aim to provide photos of current and trendy hairstyles, haircuts and colors.

We aim to provide information, tips and advice to help you choose a new look, products and anything else that will help you get the healthy hair you love.

Everything processed on vimiwell.com is carried out within the framework of ethical rules.

We respect individual rights and differing opinions. We share creative and new ideas for everyone.

We respect the importance of experience and knowledge by serving you with our expert staff. That’s why we interview some of the world’s most respected hairdressers and barbers who share their tips, advice and style ideas.

We want all of our information to be worthy of your trust. We do this by providing clear, easy-to-read content, modern hair photos, and working with hair experts. We also hope we’re one step closer by providing you with our content guidelines.

Our Editorial Standards

We want to serve you better by trying to keep all our content up to date. We do this by constantly reviewing all previously published content and updating outdated information and photos.

We make sure that the content is short and understandable. We do this by allowing revisions to be checked repeatedly. We also use software that reads our content and highlights unclear content so we can make appropriate changes.

We want to benefit everyone who visits us. We take each step by calculating how it will benefit you. Additionally, we occasionally receive feedback from readers on our website asking how useful our content is. We then update content with an unsatisfactory rating with new and better information and photos. We are eager to improve ourselves with feedback. Please let us know how we can improve by sending an email to info@vimiwell.com.

We want our content to inspire you, our valuable users. We do this by not giving up on quality and fashion. We also have a strict photo selection process to select only hairstyles, haircuts and colors that are considered modern, trendy or time-honoured.

When editing the content on our site, we get ideas from experts.

We take care that the content is understandable and readable, so we offer you a more comfortable environment.

Our team consists of experts and there are consultancy services that they receive support on the necessary issues.

Our photographs are images integrated with the subject. We select photos from well-known and little-known hairdressers, colorists and barbers with unique styles that we believe create great work, fresh and on trend.

The photo should be clear.

The photo must have a high quality resolution.

There should be no distracting images in the photo.

Photographs should be selected and sent by experts.

No copies of our content can be made. Our texts are the result of original studies.

The source of everything taken from another source is indicated. In some cases, we include links or citations to all sources of our facts that were not written by us.

We constantly monitor the content. We will not stop keeping up with fashion. For each photo and text, we either remove it completely, replace it with something more up-to-date, or rewrite the text to make it more understandable and useful.

The contents may be linked to each other. In addition, we provide diversity by adding external links. This will allow you to access more detailed information about the content. We do not receive any monetary compensation for linking to any website or if you purchase a product from any website to which we link. We also include links to the Instagram profiles of certain hairdressers, colorists and barbers whose photos we feature on our website.

We offer you products that we believe in quality and we do not discriminate in price. However, we cannot recommend products that do not meet ethical standards for ingredients and product testing. Our content with suggestions is sent by our experts. We do not receive any monetary compensation for recommending a product. Sometimes a product company will contact us asking us to review their product. If we do, we only recommend if the product passes our standards and nothing more.

Being together with experts who do not get tired of working uniquely and constantly improve themselves. It is one of our greatest joys. Specifically, we use Instagram to find creative hairdressers, colorists and barbers who post leading, trending works.

Our Authors and Editors

Our team consists of experts in their fields. Our team relies on personal experience and our network of hair experts, hairdressers, colorists and barbers to check us for accurate information, new information and facts.

Our processes are the most fundamental source of our complete progress. If you see a problem, please share it with us. If you think you found something wrong, please let us know info@vimiwell.com