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Address: QHF6+RQ Western Addition, San Francisco, CA

Population Salon, With two locations in the most vibrant and exciting neighborhoods, step into one of our lounges to experience the unique lifestyle of music, style and beauty. The population seeks not only to produce the best, but also to promote a healthy lifestyle. In our style we take classics from the past and roughen them up a little to personalize them according to both the user and the time. We start with strong foundations and modify them to suit artistic expression and personality.

Population Salon

Population Salon, We’re at our best when we’re feeling good.I’ve always believed in making my own way. Over the years, I have seen that perseverance, faith, courage, confidence, compassion, vision and, above all, having a sense of humor lead to success in any endeavor. It’s not always easy to follow your heart and be who you want to be, but it’s always the right choice and never an acceptable sacrifice.

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