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Phone: +13129550083
Address: 300 West Grand Avenue Store #5, Chicago, IL 60654

Reverie Salon, At Reverie, we have set out the following ideals: We will provide the highest standards of customer service in dusty beauty. We will be a sustainable business that cares about the world as much as the people we serve. We will promote beauty both inside and out, creating a lifestyle dedicated to health, happiness and love. We will work with the best brands in the world that complement our beliefs but do not define them. We will go further together. Many of us share the dream of a more beautiful world.

Reverie Salon

Reverie Salon, In Reverie, we see our world clearly. we have not met yet and we dream of changing it through connection and interaction with people we serve. We follow our goal of changing the world with beauty every day with absolute faith. Meditation and open minds have helped us achieve our dreams. We have designed an artist workspace to nurture and inspire our team to grow and reach more creative heights. We hope that our Reverie will be a restorative and invigorating inspiration for our guests, because they, too.

Reverie Hair Salon

Reverie Salon, foresee change, transformation and the pursuit of their own dreams. Sal Misseri’s passion for hair began at a young age. Tuesday Misseri’s passion for hair began at a young age. His focus on precise technique manifested itself immediately. She experimented with everyday materials in the heads of her friends to discover how stylists create their signature looks. Although she has explored other ways in which her ongoing hunger curiosity and creativity has always brought Misseri back to her hair.

Reverie Hair Studio

Reverie Salon, Finally one thing became clear: the hair was what Misseri was supposed to do. Throughout his career, Misseri became known for his thoughtful honest approach. His service is based on the understanding that it is better to talk less and listen more – his observant nature and uncompromising standards lead him to always do the best for his customers. Her thirst for knowledge and commitment to quality, dedication to hairstyles toteaching for all her work and a photo Misseri approach to consulting the next generation of great stylists, the Art Director.