Salon Cyan

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Phone: +15196457537
Address: 115 Dundas St, London, ON N6A 1E8, Canada

Salon Cyan, From gently massaging shampooing chairs to a state-of-the-art air exchange system, we leave no stone unturned when it comes to ensuring your salon experience is unique with us. Sit back and relax with a cappuccino and a magazine while our stylists work their magic. This, after all, is the time reserved for you alone. Make an appointment for color, style or a free consultation. Call us on 519 645 7537 or visit us at 115 Dundas St near Talbot. Just because you need a wig doesn’t mean you can’t be naturally confident in your appearance.

Salon Cyan

Leave it to the specialists at Salon Cyan to do everything that can be both experience and result. We provide wigs, sizing, fitting and styling all in one place and are qualified and committed to ensuring that the final result is never anything less than a natural extension of yours. Cutting a wig is one of the most difficult things a stylist can do. The technique requires an experienced eye for precision and style. Salon Cyan is one of the few regional salons specializing in wig cutting. Only in consultation with the price.

Salon Cyan Hair Studio

This service is perfect for swimmers or those who find a build-up in their hairstyles. This exfoliating process involves the use of chemicals, oils, etc., which make the hair feel waxy. He’ll cover his tracks. Just because you need a wig doesn’t mean you can’t naturally trust and feel your appearance. Leave it to the experts at Salon Cyan to ensure that the experience and the result are as discreet, professional and beautiful as possible.