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Phone: +12133020380
Address: 733 N La Brea Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90038

Salon Daba, We are your loctician in Los Angeles. We invite you for braids, treatments, retwists and repairs. We all know that the washing day routine for natural hair is exhausting. This salon is here to offer you scalp and hair treatments that lift this weight off your shoulders and allow you to have a wonderful and relaxing experience. Our services are available for hair types from 1 to 4c. Did you know?Yesil supports the renewal of the poor classes and the provision of green education to children in Senegal, West Africa.

Salon Daba

Salon Daba, This is made possible through your service. Visit our About page to learn more. Amina grew up learning about hair from her mother, one of the most prominent natural hairdressers in Senegal, who was a stylist at Daba Plus Salon. At this point, he has accumulated more than 15 years of professional experience throughout the country. Wanting to bring the high skills and quality of the original Salon Daba to her community, Amina opened her doors to educate people about hair care and offer them extraordinary natural styles, and also donated to educational awareness about.

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Salon Daba, The environment. Anyone can get braids, freshen up their locs, or get a customized scalp treatment at our Remedy Bar. Salon Daba is driven by a passion for the art of hair styling, environmental stewardship and Amina’s commitment to continuing her mother’s legacy. Our customers are our ambassadors, so we make sure that every customer feels satisfied and looks great. We are your loctician in Los Angeles.

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Salon Daba, The purpose of Salon Daba is to create funds to donate to Seneco, an organization committed to providing a “Green” education to young people. Seneco teaches children about our environment and the importance of environmentally friendly practices. Their goal is to achieve environmental sustainability and better health in Senegal. To achieve this goal, we donate 15% of all profits directly to Seneco. We pride ourselves on making a difference and hope our customers do too.