Send Your Own Hairstyles or Others

Want to stand out? Submit your hairstyle to and we’ll feature you on our site. You can enable others to be influenced by your style and to follow an example. You can send us the images you want to be on our site. In addition, you may want to share your new work as a hairdresser. You can share the new styles you created here and show your work. You can share it with us here without wasting any more time.

Send Your Own Hairstyles or Others

We expect support from you by creating a competitive environment here. We will share by creating a great environment. Please send the photos as JPEG to VIMI. Well. Please briefly describe your own style. You can also add a name to it.

You can reach us at

Come on, we are waiting for you!

How can you send it to us?

Simple rules that you need to look at and follow:

  • It is important that the photo to be sent is at least 600 px in width and in JPEG format.
  • Briefly add your own hairstyle or nails, what it is and why it is good.
  • Create a name for yourself for your hairstyle or nails.
  • Send it to us by e-mail
  • Those who do not want to use E-Mail can use the form. (Contact Us)

Let’s start your self-confidence. Go back to our site and check out other hairstyles. Who knows that you may have a prominent style and one day you may stay in mind for the next period.

Come on, send them now!