50+ Best Slicked-Back Hairstyles for Men

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Best Slicked-Back Hairstyles for Men, Curled strands may have the connotations of greasy men’s hair, but let us draw a new picture for you. A slick hairstyle when done right can instantly transform your look into something that feels cooler, fresher and completely modern. And it’s not just us who think so- celebrities.

Slicked back 34

Best Slicked-Back Hairstyles for Men

Slicked-Back, Including Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Kristen Stewart, have all dabbled with the slick look. The great thing about this look is that you can make it super stylish with a wet-looking finish or something a little looser and less severe, which can be more flattering.

Slicked Back Hair Men

To recreate this look, fasten the side panels just above the ears at the nape of the neck. Dry the top of your hair with a hair dryer with a brush and fix it with hairspray. If you want your hair to look stylish and fashionable, then slippery back hair is the perfect choice for you.

Best Product for Slicked Back Hair

Slicked-Back, It has come a long way from Red Carpet events to everyday events. Learn how to reward yourself with these simple and versatile men’s hairstyles in a few steps. For many years, her slippery back hair had an air of formality that made her an extremely popular hair look.

Slicked Back Hair Undercut

Therefore, men and hairdressers create their most sophisticated variations. Recently, men with slippery backs used to wear it at official receptions. Innovators prefer the undercut version, as it creates a great contrast. To soften the look a little, you can get yourself a high low or medium fade.

Best Pomade for Slicked Back Hair

Slicked-Back, Having decided on the sides and back, it’s time to think about the top. If you think that the hairstyle with a back cut works only for long hair, then, fortunately, you have been misinformed. It can be perfectly adjusted to almost any length. Basically, you are given carte blanche.

Slicked Back Hair Ponytail

Do not hesitate to cut your hair the way you like, just make sure that you can comb the upper hair. As for hair styling products, you can achieve a glossy surface using gel. with the help of a pomade it is possible to give a matte appearance or a natural effect by applying wax.

Slicked-Back Hair Ponytail

Slicked-Back, Although the haircut will certainly look dazzling in almost any situation, there are places and situations where it would be better to go through it. For example, when jogging or exercising, styling your hair backwards will not be the most reasonable solution. At best, you will look ridiculous.

Slicked Back Hair With Beard

Therefore, give it a try when attending an official semi-official or solemn event. If you notice that the traditional slippery back looks too dense, add a side part to soften it a little. If you think that your hair is very stylish, create a little fluff on your feather area to add a little volume.

Curved the Usual

Slicked-Back, This hairstyle requires a very neat and neat cut. Jul Your haircut should be as fresh as possible, and your neck should be clean-shaven. Jul. If you have a haircut with a highly defined haircut by default, then you do not need to make much effort to remove the look.

Seasoned and Sophisticated

However, if your hair is quite long, be sure to check it from all angles. To do this, you can use a sight glass or the front camera of your mobile phone. Slicked back hairstyles are one of the dec hairstyles among men. Thanks to their sexy and attractive appearance, gentlemen feel more handsome and handsome.

How To Get Slicked Back Hair

Slicked-Back, In addition, combed hair is timeless and versatile. If you prefer this style, you will have unlimited hairstyle options. The most popular version of this style is trimmed from below. The slicked back hairstyle is an important member of the hair world from the past to the future. They are always stylish and fashionable.

Long Slicked Back Hair

Also this style is suitable for professional and everyday wear. Although it looks better with voluminous and strong hair, it can also be tried for styling by men with thin hair. It can also be used with straight wavy or curly hair types.

Slicked Back Hair Product

However, if you have excessively curly or wavy hair, you may have some problems at the styling stage. What Is a Slippery Back Hairstyle? In its most traditional form, a combed hairstyle is a style created by combing and holding the hair back.

Slicked Back Hairstyles

Slicked-Back, Barbers can use some strong-holding products for a neat and tidy hairstyle. You can also have a slippery surface with these hair styling products. The key is sufficient hair length. Whichever version of this style you choose, your hair should be long enough for perfectly curled hair.

Famous Slicked Back Hair

Depending on your preference, your hairstyle can be long, short or medium length. In modern variations, cutting techniques such as fading and undercutting are often preferred for the sides and ridges. In addition, you can combine your october hairstyle with other stylish hairstyles, such as quiff and side part.

Messy Slicked Back Hair

When it comes to thin hairstyles, it will be useful to slightly moisten your hair before starting styling. In this way, you can easily separate your hair from each other and prevent it from locking. First, comb your hair thoroughly with a comb or brush.

Slicked Back Hair Fade

Slicked-Back, After you get the desired look, you need to use a retention product to maintain the shape of your hair. For this procedure, you can choose a pomade gel wax or clay. Styling products also make your hair look slippery and shiny. You can choose a hair product for your hairstyle according to the desired degree of shine and slickness.

Mens Slicked Back Hair

It is better to consult which hairdresser to choose products from. The classic slicked-back hairstyle is the father of all modern variations of slippery hair. Although she has a simple hairstyle, she has a stylish and charismatic appearance. There is no decisively noticeable difference in hair length between the top and sides in this style.

Short Slicked Back Hair

Slicked-Back, The hair looks quite slippery and shiny. That is why this hairstyle is catchy and pretentious. Slippery hair remains one of the most popular men’s haircuts, achieved in 2022. And like many other classic hairstyles, the slippery back haircut has become a cool and modern style for men.

How To Do Slicked Back Hair

And whether you choose the slippery back fade or the slippery back cut, there are many ways for men to wear a slippery back hairstyle, because both are versatile enough to style other looks, including quiff pompadour and comb.

Brad Pitt Slicked Back Hair

To get a stylish slippery back hairstyle, you should combine a cropped or faded haircut on the sides with high or low, or fading of the skin with short medium or long hair on top. There are also more classic long-cut hair that does not require fading on the sides.

Medium Slicked Back Hair

If you are thinking about the latest men’s hairstyles and need some inspiration before visiting the barber shop, you will want to check out our gallery of the latest styles below. Our examples range from high and low fading slick to short and long hair combed back so you’ll see the best slick haircuts to try on.

Slicked Back Hairstyles for Guys

Cropped hair remains one of the best hairstyles for men. Although the cut and style have changed over time, the slippery back haircut still requires fading or cutting at the edges with short or long hair on top. For an easy and quick way to comb your hair back, we recommend short-cut hair.

Salt and Pepper Slick Back

However, many men like the versatility of long-cropped back hair, because it allows them to style their comb on a quiff or pompadour. Cropped hair has been a staple for bad boys like Marlon Brando, David Beckham and countless other celebrities.

Smoldering and Striking

While it can work for any age group or occasion, this style is best suited for medium length straight hair types. Revive the classic style with shaved edges and colors to create your own style or get a more conservative look in the trend.

Vintage Taper

Slicked Back Hairstyles for Men You can make your stylish slicked back style with a long top fade or taper at the base of a long top short edge haircut. In any case, you need longer hair and a quality styling product that suits your hair type. Let’s see some of the best examples.

Perfect Pretty Boy

A disconnected haircut involves shaved sides with a longer top. Sliding it back, you will best show the cropped parts and the contrast of the textures. This is especially ideal for bearded men to focus on the face. Cropped hair remains one of the most popular men’s hairstyles.

Slick Back on Fine Hair

To create a stylish and cool hairstyle with a modern haircut haircut, combine a low or high fade with long hair on top. Some men even prefer to cut a variation of the hairstyle that offers more contrast than the fading of a slippery back.

Dark and Dangerous

If you like hairstyles for men and you want to learn the right way to shift your hair back, then this guide will teach you everything you need to know about styling. From how to make thick or curly hair slippery, whether you need to choose a cut or faded haircut, how to style it and how to make it look, this guide will keep you up to date with the latest trend in the world of men’s hair.

Bold and Bearded

Here are the best slippery hairstyles to get this year. If you want a hairstyle that is both stylish and professional, you will like cropped hair. Men’s slick back hairstyles have been used over the years as a quick way to create a cool yet sophisticated look. The best part is that learning how to pull your hair back is very versatile and can work with a number of different haircuts.

Printed Mohawk

From undercut or faded hair on the sides to long thick or curly hair on top, modern slippery back haircuts are worth styling. This guide will teach you everything you need to know about how to cut your hair. Reinforced by its traditionalist origins, the slick-back hairstyle has re-emerged as a contemporary favourite.

Wavy Slicked Hair

The wide variety of ways in which this style can be worn, which can be interpreted for different hair types lengths and occasions, can be overwhelming. That’s why we’ve rounded up the best slick back hairstyles for you to copy to help you find your perfect match. For a simple and timeless take on the slippery back trend, opt for the classic style.

Hot Hipster

For this look, use a wet gel or pomade for a good grip with a shiny touch. Comb the hair repeatedly and thoroughly. Pay attention to products that are too hard, as this will make the hair look straight. Prefer a product that will give your locks a thicker look despite its retracted structure.

Spiked Front Bangs

Let’s face it, a guy who can pull out hair trimmed with some hair wax and gel always looks cool: Justin Timberlake David Beckham and Shia LaBeouf have elegantly displayed this sophisticated style at some point in their careers.

Rockin Retro Fade

If you’ve always dreamed of trying, but haven’t fully trusted pulling the trigger, take a look at these styles for inspiration – and be sure to check out our guide to hair gels and waxes for more tips. Slicked back styles are very attractive and perfect for men who want a new fashion style.

Mini Man Bun

For men, it’s 20. hairstyles from the XIII century received various versions. Everything from pompadours to military products depends on your personal preference. Texas-based expert barber Sonya Hernandez says she always checks her hair texture and growth pattern.

Wet and Wild

This may be a struggle to train combed hair to oppose the natural growth pattern. It works on all hair lengths – slippery, short, medium and long. It’s very easy to do this, and that’s the good news. If you have enough hair on top, then all you need to do is polish your mane with styling products.

Modern Slick Back Style

Sonya likes Layrite products. Going to a fortress with a matte surface, the layrite will be Cement Clay. For a bright look, Layrite recommends Superhold. Hernandez encourages you to know how high or low you want your paleness to be.

Double Braid Mohawk

High Fade Slick Back For example, if the fade gets too high on the side, it may not be long enough for the men’s hair slippery for the strands on top. Choose a knowledgeable barber to provide you with the cut and style you want to be advised on. Before your next haircut or going to the barber shop, check out these photos of the most popular slippery hairstyles for men.

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