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Spoke & Weal, Jon Reyman is a hair stylist, business owner, educator and part-owner to some of the most influential designers and businesses in the industry, from Oscar de la Renta to Pyer Moss, Dyson Inc to Estee Lauder Companies. During fashion month, she leads 15 shows, working with teams in New York, London, Milan and Paris. Named the go-to stylist for beauty editors, Jon has been featured in the New York Times, Forbes, Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, The Hollywood Reporter, Into The Gloss, and has appeared on E!, The TLC Network, Access to Hollywood, and Bravo TV.

Spoke & Weal

Off the runway, Jon is the creative force behind Spoke & Weal’s haircut and styling programs and has brought dry cutting into the mainstream of modern haircut practice. He values utility and simplicity in his work and sees beauty in what is natural and useful. “Dry hair doesn’t lie,” says stylist Jon Reyman of his passion for dry cutting, which involves using his scissors on strands before a drop of water enters the equation.

Hair Studio

The method that reduces any guesswork is suitable not only for the stylist (”you can not see the shape, density, texture, damage or color when the hair is wet”), but also for the client (he can see the shape of the cut, and if this lobe seems to be decaying into a bob, he will receive an urgent call time). “The perfect individual allows you to tailor a suitable haircut,” explains Reyman. “You can really see what you’ve achieved. ”The service begins with a scalp massage, and then it is dried with shampoo and hairdryer.

Hair Salon

After the hair is completely dry and smoothed, the cutting begins … What is the reason for the reverse method? “We don’t hide bad cuts with good styles. ” – Vogue MagazineFind Jon cutting and styling hair in NYC, LA, SF and all Spoke & Weal locations. Call or email in advance to schedule appointments.