Taka Hair Salon

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Phone: +13105756819
Address: 1845 Westwood Blvd, West Los Angeles, CA 90025

Taka Hair Salon, Award-winning hair stylists and master stylists will cut your hair using the best of Japanese, American and European cutting techniques that will not only look stylish, but also easy to care for daily. They will teach you how to style your hair and what to use at home to get the same style that we give you at the salon. All of our stylists have worked decently to further improve their skills, and we are glad that this system brings us all together as a team. All STYLIST services will start at the same price.

Taka Hair Salon

Taka Hair Salon, For those who are looking for a little extra care, with only a slight price increase, we are happy to refer you to one of our stylists. We create a special hair color that suits your style. The best color for you from our selective color lines will be selected to meet your hair needs during your consultation. Every year we participate in the International Hair Color Exchange and learn the latest hair color techniques and training.

Taka Hair Studio

Taka Hair Salon, The International Hair Color Exchange is the most important educational conference for colorists in the USA. The Japanese permanent texture technique is number one in the world. We provide permanent tissue services on a daily basis. It is the most popular service in Japan, but it is rare in the USA. At Taka Hair Salon we offer a wide range of products ranging from body perm, spiral perm, twist perm to horror perm. We have the ability to create any kind of folds you want.