The Hive Salon

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Phone: (214) 823-8500
Address: 6458 E Mockingbird Ln, Dallas, TX 75214

The Hive Salon, We live in unprecedented times, and that our rules of Salon etiquette to comply with state regulations forced us to change as a guest, you should expect your experience to go this way: we can see only one guest at a time, now please do not take your friends or your children with you. please try to hairstyles bring only the minimum form of payment. No big bags or computers. when you arrive, please wait in your car and contact your service provider, they will meet you to take your temperature (with a touch thermometer) and go through a symptom checklist.

The Hive Salon

After entering the salon, you are expected to wash your hands thoroughly. since it is advisable not to undress, you will be offered a clean apron to put on your clothes. Jul. during your service, you and your service provider are expected to wear masks. If you don’t have a mask, one will be provided for you. we will not be able to provide drinks or magazines of any kind. unfortunately, there will be no access to the self-styling area.

Hair Studio

However, we would be glad to arrange an appointment with a stylist, who is waiting for availability and normal pricing. We understand this may seem extreme, but as a salon we need to comply with regulations to keep our guests and staff safe and healthy.