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Phone: +17134400404
Address: 10910 Cullen Blvd Suite C, Houston, TX 77047

Trendz by Tammy Black Hair Salon Houston, The Premier Natural Black Hair Salon in Houston. Latest hair trends, ladies are talented and up to date with short pixie haircuts, looseners, dreadlocks and color trends. Our team of hair professionals is ready to help you feel and look great. For recruitment information, Tammy, owner of Trendz by Tammy Black Hair Salon, is a master hairdresser/loctician specializing in black hair, who grew up in a group home for girls after her mother was killed across the street from her childhood home.

Trendz by Tammy Black Hair Salon Houston

Trendz by Tammy Black Hair Salon, In high school, he won a $10,000 Coca-Cola Martin Luther King Jr. scholarship. He told the Vocational Rehabilitation Association that he had a handicap of the state because he had no family and wanted to go to university. That genius got Miss Tammy another $1,500 a semester for college. This allowed him to go to the university of his choice. Without a scholarship, he would have had to go to a state university. Ms. Tammy graduated from Louisiana Xavier University with a degree in Accounting.

Trendz by Tammy Black Hair

Trendz by Tammy Black Hair, It wasn’t until her final year at university that she was bitten by the cosmetology bug. 3 Months after graduating from college, she joined the Molers Beauty College. After Ms. Tammy graduated from Molers Cosmetology College, she was ready to put her accumulated skills to work in the real world. He was also ready to leave New Orleans and move to Houston, Texas. In August 2016, Ms. Tammy became a Goldman/Sachs 10,000 small business graduate.

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In August, 2018 Tammy took the second place of her salon at 3125 Rosalie Street Houston, TX 77004address 3. he opened it on the ward. Tammy has had a hair salon with commissions for 13 years and for the first time offers the opportunity for independent hairdressers (cabin tenants) to work and grow in her salons. For more information about renting a hairdresser.