Phone: +12177267050
Address: 521 E Washington St, Springfield, IL 62701

Willow & Birch is a full-service salon, spa and boutique in the heart of downtown Springfield, Illinois, offering a wide range of services where the focus is on the experience. From the moment you enter this 3-storey, 19,000-square-foot place, you are instantly greeted by an exceptional Reception team where the positive atmosphere is immediately shared.

Willow & Birch

Willow & Birch, With a team of highly trained Service Providers with consistent continuing education and a unique standard of performance. The perfect blend of personal connection and exceptional technical skills makes for a unique experience. The warmth of the eclectic decor, including items collected over the years, gives a sense of character and makes for an extraordinary conversation. Discover Willow and Birch Trees today!

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